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In addition, the shallow depth of field combined with the low light of the scene means that getting a sharp focus is exceedingly tough. Consider using a prime lens. If that phrase isn't familiar to you, it just means a non-zoom lens. They almost always have a faster f-stop and, hence, will do better in low light.

There are two other reasons why prime lenses are the available-light photographers' friends. First, they are smaller and easier to handle, making working in tight situations more natural.

Street Photography and Video in Rome: Travelling Light

Second, they generally have less flare. This is important in available-light situations where the photographer is dealing with several light sources in the picture, like streetlights in the background or lightbulbs in the jazz club. They work better "against" the light. Maximize your ISO.

When a camera can really crank up the ISO, there is real payoff—and it is a digital-age wonder. I spent my early years in photography thinking that shooting black-and-white film at ASA was incredible.

Shooting Light- A Photographic Journey

The pictures were grainy and the tonal range was horrible, but you could get images, if just barely. I regularly pay a premium for cameras that deliver good images at ISO and higher. To me, it's worth it. If you get a little noise in your pictures with the higher ISO, just get over it.

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A good picture will trump a little noise every time. Wait to shoot until people look into the light. If you're trying to photograph people in miserably low light, simply wait until your subject looks up into the light. When they do, be ready. You may have only an instant when their faces are fully lit.

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Suddenly a "bad" light situation will become tolerable. This is an old trick. Think of all those great pictures from the classic age of jazz photography. The musicians are always looking up! Calm down. Camera shake is your greatest enemy. Take a moment to calm down, breathe easy, concentrate, let your heartbeat slow, and get in the zone.

Rebus Edizioni English text by Amara Graps.

New Zealand: A Photographic Journey

German version translated by Tom Pfeiffer available soon. I adore the book and your photography.

Volcanoes of Light

Truly a captivating work. Get our newsletter! Our Android App. New: IOS version. Our New Book. This book really gave me Wanderlust. So, my next purchase may need to be the Lonely Planet! I think in publishing terms Overall impression - a great read and as much a book about photography and the history of it as we'll as inspirational stories about places all over East Asia.

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Plus some beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed reading this book. The writer has a natural flair for a good story and an interesting prose style. Honestly, one of the best Travel books I have read in years. A really fascinating and beautiful tale of a gap 'year' that stretches out to seven. As a young man the author sets out to explore the far east and capture it in photographs; constantly diverted from his main purpose he discovers both of the region and himself.

The book also becomes a piece of recent history - how carefully he has to guard his fragile photographic film - from the moment before asia moved to become the economic tiger that swept away much of what he describes. Often a book like this would descend into a tale of how much a coddled westerner 'suffers' the hardships of rusting buses and poor food, Sumner is clear sighted enough to see his relative wealth and appreciate how to engage with the real life of those he meets.

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