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His research focuses on high temperature materials, like ceramics and advanced alloys that are used inside jet engines or gas turbine engines. This involves applying theories and experimental techniques about how snow and ice behaves around its melting point, to aerospace materials such as titanium-based and nickel-based 'superalloys'.

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This is a dummy description. Volume highlights include: Detailed crystallographic classification of natural sea ice, the key information from which information about ice growth conditions can be inferred. Many examples are presented with material to support qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the data.

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Methods developed for revealing microstructural characteristics of sea ice and performing forensic investigations. Data sets on radiative properties and satellite observations of sea ice, its snow cover, and surrounding open water.

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Both meltwater percolation and gravity expedite brine drainage. Typical sea ice salinities are parts per thousand for newly-formed sea ice, parts per thousand for m thick first-year ice, or ice that is less than one year old, and 0. Satellite remote sensing is a useful tool for mapping sea ice concentration globally. Global maps of sea ice extent and concentration have been produced. The ability of passive-microwave instruments to collect data through cloud cover and polar darkness makes them well suited for global monitoring of sea ice.

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However, microwave instruments do not collect data on albedo or temperature Comiso, ; Hall et al. Which is important during the spring-summer-autumn seasons with respect to the energy exchange of sea ice. NSIDC has a website that summarizes the characteristics of over two dozen sea ice data sets. The site offers a complete summary and intercomparison of sea ice data. Cavalieri, D.

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