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The simplest way for me to say it is — strategy is gathering raw facts, organizing them well and creating a direction that can be understood, adopted and achieved.

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Those last 3 points are often overlooked. A good strategists is a seeker and wrangler of facts.

Some qualitative. Some quantitative. Who can organize it into a single path forward. To do that, it takes diversity of thought. It requires many input sources and types of thinking.

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If given the choice between the lone genius toiling away in their office or the P. Much better. Strategists must be comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

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So get dirty, go deep, experiment, fail fast , iterate, rinse, and repeat. The role of strategy is always to simplify. Matt says: Strategy is curiosity, research, and analysis. We can teach nearly everything but curiosity. You have to be interested in solving unique problems and care about their outcomes. A curious researcher leads to high-quality analysis.

Detailed analysis informs future business decisions.

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So ask lots of questions now. Measure everything. Find what marketing activities influence those consumer actions. Olivia says: Stay flexible. Be willing to tackle unexpected challenges as they come along, but stay focused on your big-picture goals.

The Option Strategist

Stay curious. Putting forth a little extra effort to learn something new will put you miles ahead. Those hard skills will pay off later on. EDT, according to Trade Alert.

Shares in Dreamworks are up roughly 95 percent since the start of the year, Duffy said. The stock is up nearly percent since this time last year, said Interactive Brokers Group equity options analyst Caitlin Duffy. Time and sales data suggests traders purchased the Nov.

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Shares of the exchange-traded fund fell 1. In their analysis of more than 3, analyst days since , the strategists found that in many cases these events can be as stock moving as earnings.

The Options Strategist

They estimate buying calls ahead of analyst day events between and to date has returned an average profit of 23 percent, compared with the average pluspercent move in stocks. The return exceeds the 8 percent return for a similar call-buying trade before earnings over the same period. Goldman strategists said buying the closest to-the-money call five days before the analyst day and selling one day after was profitable in 11 of the past 12 years. Of the more than 3, analyst day events Goldman recorded over this time period, 2, events passed their liquidity threshold.

November has historically been the most active month in terms of the number of analyst days.

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Goldman identified 49 companies with analyst days expected over the next month, 31 of which have tradable options. A total of Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.