Manual Variations in the Global Water Budget

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Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia. Trends in water balance components across the Brazilian Cerrado. PAZ, A. Hydrological processes, v. Large-scale hydrodynamic modeling of a complex river network and floodplains. Journal of hydrologic engineering, v. Satellite-based hydrological dynamics of the world's largest continuous wetland.

Case Studies

San Diego State University, On the assessment of surface heat flux and evaporation using large-scale parameters. Monthly weather review, v.

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Geophysical Research Letters, v. Estimating evapotranspiration using an observation based terrestrial water budget. Hydrological Processes, v. Seasonal patterns of evapotranspiration for a Vochysia divergens forest in the Brazilian Pantanal.

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Influences of precipitation changes and direct CO 2 effects on streamflow | Nature

A direct estimate of the seasonal cycle of evapotranspiration over the Amazon basin. Journal of Hydrometeorology, v. The gravity recovery and climate experiment: Mission overview and early results. Hydrology of the upper Paraguay basin. United Nations University Press: Tokyo, The maintenance of this ecosystem depends on the water balance since precipitation is seasonal and high losses of water occur due to the high evapotranspiration. Water balance assessment using in situ data is still a challenge due to the large extension of the area and the complexity to be represented.

In this study, the water balance in the Upper Paraguay basin was investigated based on hydrological variables derived from remote sensing data. Precipitation, evapotranspiration, and water storage change data were estimated with accuracy by the water balance, but the same was not possible for the discharge. However, high uncertainties in the estimates were verified, mainly during the rainy season. The remote sensing data allowed the identification of the seasonality of hydrological variables in the Pantanal system and in the different regions of the basin: Chaco, Pantanal and Planalto.

The spatial analysis of the basin showed that in the northern region, the precipitation, the evapotranspiration, and the water storage variation are higher than in the southern region.

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Results demonstrated that remote sensing data can help in the comprehension of hydrological systems operation, especially in large wetland regions. Terrestrial hydrometeorology. Jump to navigation.

Water Cycle and Water Budget

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Water balance

Begin Typing to Search Submit Search. Climate change increases our risk of both heavy rains and extreme droughts. But why — and how — is that? Aren't the two contradictory? Because the processes involved are highly dependent on temperature, changes in one have consequences on the other.

How Is Climate Change Impacting the Water Cycle?

So how does climate change impact the water cycle? Put simply, water evaporates from the land and sea, which eventually returns to Earth as rain and snow. Climate change intensifies this cycle because as air temperatures increase, more water evaporates into the air. Warmer air can hold more water vapor, which can lead to more intense rainstorms, causing major problems like extreme flooding in coastal communities around the world.

At the same time that some areas are experiencing stronger storms, others are experiencing more dry air and even drought.